About Us

In 2019, the Slovak Environment Agency established a working group of representatives of state, non-profit and public organizations in order to create an Internet platform focused on environmental education. Through intensive meetings, a platform called Ewobox was launched in November 2019.

The mission of EWOBOX is to collect and share information in the field of environmental education, training, and awareness. This space is open to all those who creates, works in, needs, or has an interest in environmental education.

EWOBOX is based on three basic principles: BALANCE. We are based on the principle of give and take. Because the more we put into EWOBOX, the more we get from it. OPENNESS. We perceive EWOBOX as an unlimited space for all views, topics, and opinions, because environmental education cannot be boxed or closed in a box. HEALTH. We "EWOBOX" fairly and adhere to the principles of good behavior.

EWOBOX enables the registration of individuals and organizations that can build their virtual space on it, create discussion groups, add articles, events, challenges and present their own offer of publications and environmental education programs.

In summary, EWOBOX serves as an information network that covers and connects the area of environmental education in Slovakia. A network that anyone can connect to as a passive recipient of information or an active contributor.